sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Ex Convento de la Natividad de María, Tepoztlán, Tepoztlán

Location: Tepoztlán, Tepoztlán
Built between 1555 and 1580
Monastic order that constructed it: Dominican
Main functions: Community activities such as education of children and youth, craft workshops, assistance and temporary shelter for sick pilgrims were developed. Its atrium functions as cemetery and park.
Architectural styles used: Gothic, plateresque and mannerism. The dominant ornamental carving is of tequitqui art (mode of mexican art of the XVI century), as a result of the indian interpretation of European models copied in the New Spain for ornamental sculpture of the monastic buildings.

Curious facts about the site: The ex-convent preserves much of its flattened on the walls and of its original murals. In 1994 it was declared a Unesco World Heritage, as part of the “route of the ex-convents of the slopes of Popocatepetl volcano”. Recently it was discovered under the atrium's floor a processional stoned ride from the XVI century.

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