miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Convent Saint William, Totolapan

This church is located in Totolapan, Morelos, it was built by the Augustinians monks in the XVI century around the 1530’s and 1540’s.

It was dedicated to San Guillermo El Grande also known as The Hermit.

This building has very interesting features such as the facades decoration with a unique design which you cannot find in any other church of the surrounding region. The interior is actually quite simple, with a neoclassical design.

This edification consists of only one nave with a barrel vault, an atrium, a two-storey cloister and a vegetable garden.

Inside the church there are two canvases which narrate the history of Christ in Totolapan.

There is a legend around this temple and the famous Totolapan’s Christ, a huge crucifix which appeared in the church out of nowhere, like a miracle.

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